Our Story

LRNKEY© (Lrnkey.com) is a family passion project born from a need we couldn’t fill.

I live in Fort McMurray, Canada with my husband and children. As I was looking for a French tutor for my three children, I realized our geographic limitations were greater than imagined. The nearest tutor to our house was at least 30 miles away, and one we couldn’t afford.

Lrnkey Story

After a bit of research, I found out from a friend of a French tutor who held her classes over Skype, and her prices were much more affordable to a middle-income family such as ours. That’s when the seed for Lrnkey.com was planted. What if we could build a website where learners who were looking to learn a skill or a profession could easily find a match for a tutor/online coach.

This is where my tech-savvy husband comes in! The year that followed was full of brainstorming meetings, research, bouncing ideas off of friends and family and envisioning the technology behind all this that could make it a reality. In April of 2020 LRNKEY© was launched.

Today, the requirements for skills and knowledge are changing rapidly, and the existing education systems are not flexible enough to adapt. LRNKEY© provides an opportunity to close that gap by connecting learners and coaches in real time through interactive sessions. The subjects that the portal will cover range from school tutoring to teaching foreign languages, coding, computer science, DJ-ing, social skills, interactive cooking sessions or career development advice.

Most importantly, the cornerstone of our philosophy for LRNKEY© is its win-win model. On the one end, the platform provides an income opportunity to skilled workers who may be unemployed temporarily, or do not embrace the traditional workforce culture, retired people who need additional income or just wish to impart their knowledge. On the other end, we have the learners, such as my kids in need of a French tutor, who can easily search, narrow down and match with a coach who fits their criteria using the platform’s rating and review system, integrated calendar and message center all in a few clicks.

Finally, the platform’s integrated payment system gives the security and peace of mind to our users so that they can focus their energy on the experience and fully enjoy their journey of self-improvement.

Get better every day!

On Lrnkey it’s about mastering a timeless skill cultivating new perspectives, and connecting with fascinating people from around the world

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