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Online Lessons with Lrnkey: How do they work?

You don't need to register or sign in when you visit and start your search for your perfect tutor. Simply click the Simply click the Find a tutor button and explore all available instructors by browsing our page. You can also search by subject or skill that you want to learn, and see all available private tutors that can help you achieve your goals. By clicking on the tutor’s name or photo, you will see all the details that you need to make a decision. On the same page, you will have access to the tutor’s calendar, where you can see the available hours for you to book your first free lesson. If your schedule doesn't allow you to book on the available time slots, click on an empty cell to request the teachers to make that time available for you.

When booking your free introductory lesson no credit card is required to book your first free lesson. No commitments and no expectations from you. You can book as many free lessons as you need so you can make the right choice and find your perfect tutor.

How to find the perfect tutor with Lrkney?

Here are some tips that will help learners like you when looking for a tutor:


Before finding a good tutor you have to summarise your learning goals, what you want to achieve? How is this learning going to help you to make your dreams come true?

We want to make sure that you have invested your time and money efficiently to bring you closer to your dreams. We want to make sure that after every lesson with your tutor you are able to say "I am so happy I met this teacher here on Lrnkey"


Why do you need to find a perfect tutor? You may think the answer is obvious, Well...

Let’s be honest. Learning a new skill is not easy and you need help:

  • Motivate you when you get frustrated .
  • Be vulnerable. Ask all the dumb questions, and sometimes the same question several times
  • Get a personalized and customizable learning experience based on your learning pace, goals, and level of experience

It may not be very easy to spot the right teacher to choose

Many may think that the more experience, various titles, and awards a tutor has, the better. This is not always the case. The personal connection you are seeking can be found with someone who has so much passion and knowledge and it is hard to spot that right away

Book a free lesson on and have a 15-20 minute chat with the tutors, ask your questions about how they are planning to take you through the journey. Allow them to ask questions so they can understand why are you learning the skills, what is your end goal, how do you prefer learning, are you a visual learner, do you like homework (probably not)

Talk to several instructors on Lrnkey. This is the best way to find a tutor that you will be happy to work with.

  • Does the teacher make you feel comfortable during the lessons?
  • Will the learning process bring you closer to your goals?
  • Is the tutor flexible to make the learning tailored to your unique needs
  • Check their reviews and ratings from other students like you to help you make a decision

Benefits of working with Lrnkey Private Tutors?

You can find all the information about Lrnkey private tutors online, just check the Employment and Education sections in their profiles. For some of the arts and crafts subjects and music skills, you can also find pictures and videos to provide a little more information about the instructors

Every learner is an individual with unique life experiences and learning styles. is designed to address uniqueness. that’s why we claim that 1-on-1 is the best way to learn coding, crocheting, languages, and much more. Teaching and learning is not a simple transfer of knowledge and information from one human being to another. We believe that when you learn the following components significantly improve your success rates and satisfaction with learning. Here are some qualities of a good tutor that we value here at Lrnkey.

  • Emotional approach.

    Personal instructors create an emotional personal connection with the student. When you learn on Lrnkey - you not only find a perfect tutor, a person that can team you and guide you, but you also make a friend who is always there to help you when learning gets tough and also shares all your victories and achievements

  • Cultural connection

    On Lrnkey you can find private tutors and instructors from all over the world, imagine learning Yoga with a coach from the birthplace of Yoga or learning crochet patterns with a professional from the other side of the globe. When learning new patterns is also accompanied by the cultural background of where these patterns are coming from and what they meant ages ago.

  • Social Connection

    Talent has no boundaries, but opportunities do. At Lrnkey we believe that everyone deserves the right to earn using their talents and expertise. By learning with Lrnkey tutors you not only get a more affordable rate to learn a skill, but you also provide an opportunity for e-teacher from a developing country to earn for their family in a dignified honest way and not rely on charity. This is one of the main goals that we have. Connecting teachers from less fortunate environments to the learners globally.

Why Learn a skill with Lrnkey Top-rated Tutors?

There are 1 on 1 tutoring classes, and there are effective 1 on 1 tutoring classes. With the help of today's technology and our global network of experienced teachers, we will help you to achieve your dreams in the shortest time possible.

The key to the effectiveness of our lessons with our private tutors is the individual approach that is developed with your input and is based on your unique learning goals.

Search for online teachers with our help and learn in our 1 on 1 tutoring classrooms and you will receive not only the right amount of knowledge and experience, but also an invaluable cultural experience, and make new friends.

We will also help you improve your learning habits and help you do what you always wanted, but never thought you would beat that procrastination curse. You will get an individual and professional experience no matter what skill you'll decide to learn:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I find a tutor for free?

If you want to find a tutor for free, just mark the box for free Trial lessons checked. Explore and find your desired tutor by taking free classes.