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Tutor from anywhere in the world

Tutor from anywhere in the world

We believe that talent has no boundaries. Just be the best in your domain.

Additional source of income

Additional source of income

Monetize your skill and knowledge in a fun, engaging way.

Full transparency and high standards

Full transparency and high standards

Focus on tutoring, leave the rest to us. Get access to your own dashboard.

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Turn your passion into a successful career


Share your skills with those who really need them

Set your own schedule and rates.

Find online tutoring job coresponding to your skill-set

Succeed in your career

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Take your teaching skills to another level


Become an online tutor and work from anywhere you wish

What do we expect from the tutors?

High degree of professionalism and ethics


Positive attitude to knowledge sharing

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Empathy and patience towards learners and community


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Frequently asked questions

1. Start by providing the required information, your email address, first and last name. It is important to enter your phone number - you will be receiving SMS notifications when your students send you messages or request lessons on Lrnkey
2. Upload your profile photo. Make sure you use high-quality pictures. Use a single color background and smile
3. Next, Upload your introduction video, talk about your experience and share what your students and learners can achieve when they start learning with you. You can also share some of the achievements of your previous students if you had any
4. To make your profile more engaging and increase the number of booking requests, it is strongly recommended to use the section for additional photos and videos. Use this space to showcase your work, and share some snapshots of lessons and sessions with your students. A short 1-2 minute video will give a sneak peek to your potential students on what to expect
5. Select the subjects and skills that you want to teach. You can add up to 3 skills that you want to teach (Lrnkey recommends using 1).
6. Add your pricing per hour. You are free to choose your prices. Our research shows that the most effective range is around 15-25$ per hour.
7. Last but not least - use the social sharing buttons on the top of your profile page to share your Lrnkey with the world. Don't simply share it on your network but ask your friends, to share it with their friends and connections, that will multiply the network effect and have more traffic to your profile
It's completely free to create a tutor profile on Lrnkey. Moreover, you can not only earn money from tutoring but also collect Lrnkoins for various achievements and tasks. Lrnkoins can be used to pay for Lrnkey fees, so you can withdraw all of your earnings.
The more you teach, the more you earn. Starting from 5$ per hour. Your students’ satisfaction should be your number 1 priority. Here at Lrnkey, we believe that the best way to promote your profile and ensure you increase your earnings is to have 5-star ratings and excellent reviews from your students. This will increase your reputation on the platform and fill your calendar fast.
What are you good at? What is your passion? What do you want to share? Lrnkey is completely open to any skills and knowledge that you want to teach. When completing your profile you do not find the subject in the list, please let us know and we will add it for you.
You can withdraw your earnings through PayPal and/or Payoneer (recommended). When you withdraw more the $100, Lrnkey will pay the transfer fees. If you wish to withdraw less than $100 the Paypal and Payoneer fees will be paid by the tutor.
Lrnkey fees for tutors are 10%. For example, when you are teaching for $10 per hour you will receive $9 and the student will be paying $11 is equally split between the tutor and the student. The fees are split between the tutors and students.
To pay for the lessons students and learners can use all major international credit cards. In addition, Lrnkey is accepting payments through PayPal. Tutors can choose between PayPal and Payoneer to process your withdrawals.
Great question. You don’t have to… Unless you want to earn more than on other platforms. We charge only 10% commission for each lesson. For example. if you set your price for each lesson $10, you will receive $9.