How many sessions are in a course?

After the first lesson, you will be able to choose a number of hours and pay for a package of lessons to continue learning.

Some subjects need only an hour for a quick consultancy (career advice in a particular company) and some may need months or years (tutoring or language courses).

How will the first lesson be arranged?

We recommend instructors and tutors to offer an introductory session free of charge to get to know one another, ask questions and make sure that both parties’ needs and expectations are aligned before agreeing to "work" together.

What are the platform guarantees?

The refund option will only be available to you during a period of 90 (ninety) days from the date when your payment was made. In case the tutor doesn’t suit your needs, or your scheduled lesson doesn’t take place even if it was (accidentally) confirmed, you can notify us to refund the full amount or transfer these funds to another instructor within 3 (three) days of the scheduled lesson’s start time.

In case you do not use these funds and/or hours acquired for those funds during the period of more than 90 (ninety) days starting from the date of provision of the funds, the balance will be irreversibly lost and will not be refunded.

If you decide to exercise your right to change your instructor after the first lesson, you can do so no more than 2 (two) times. However, if you decide to change instructors more than twice, the next first lesson with any new coach should be paid for. LRNKEY is not responsible for any kind of fee charged by payment systems and will not cover it when initiating a refund. To the fullest extent permitted by law, any refunds at any time are at our sole discretion only.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

If you plan to cancel a class,  we require you to give your instructor at least a 24-hours notice. Otherwise, you are liable to pay the full amount for the scheduled lesson, unless the instructor agrees not to charge you. We reserve the right for every instructor to charge the cost of the lesson that is canceled less than 24 hours before its planned start time, without the possibility of this sum being refunded to the learner or transferred to another instructor.

You can cancel/reschedule lessons through your LRNKEY© account easily by clicking the corresponding button in "My Classroom" for the scheduled lesson anytime up to 4 hours before your lesson. It’s a good practice to provide a reason for cancellation which, in most cases, will be forwarded to your instructor.

Why should I trust LRNKEY© ? is a global company based in Canada. We are currently working tirelessly to build our competency and reputation in order to engage users from all around to world and help them take advantage of our services. It is in our best interest to make every single user satisfied with their LRNKEY© experience, and in turn, recommend us to other learners. In short, good reputation matters to us!

Can my lessons get confirmed automatically?

No. You will have to accept each session request from your potential learners. The learner may request several course sessions at one time so you can individually select and accept or decline each session booking request.

How long do my lessons last?

The duration of the lesson is one hour by default. It is not possible to split the duration of the lesson into 2 or more sessions. 

Is it possible to place an advertisement on Lrnkey?

The LRNKEY© platform was created to help instructors and learners connect. We do not advertise other goods or services.

How quickly do instructors respond?

The response time for every coach is different. Usually within 48 hours.

When can learners leave a review?

After you have had a session with your instructor, you can leave a review and rate your instructor and the session.


How much does it cost to have a lesson with a coach?

Every instructor works as an individual and charges the price he/she wishes. The LRNKEY© platform does not affect instructors’ decisions on how much to charge for the lessons.

Where can I find a coach’s contact information?

You are not allowed to contact instructors outside the platform with regards to your sessions on There is an integrated messaging app that you can use to communicate with instructors and a file exchange platform to facilitate file exchange for the sessions.

How can I find an Instructor?

Type the subject in the “Find a tutor” section on the home page and take a look at the results based on your needs, available time and budget. The available filters on will help you narrow down your search based on your preferred criteria. First choose the subject you are looking for then you can specify the price range. It is recommended that you use all the available filters to narrow down your search and save time in your search. Finally, take a look at the the ratings and reviews when selecting the coach.

Can I contact some tutors before I sign up for a class?

If you need to speak to potential tutors before making a commitment, you may send a personal message directly from the search results. You must be registered on to be able to make contact with the coaches.

According to our site rules, it is forbidden to share your contact information to negotiate course deals outside of the platform. Violation of this policy will result in your profile being blocked, and LRNKEY© will not be responsible for any compensation in case you encounter a scam.

What if I don’t like the coach after the first lesson?

If the coach does not meet your needs for any reason, and you decide not to continue with the lesson, you can simply let him/her know and explain the reasons if you chose to do so. If the session is not completed for this reason, you will not be charged for the course. 

How do I pay for sessions?

When you book a session, the amount that is due will be transferred to to be held in escrow. After your session is complete, you will be prompted to confirm that the lesson actually took place and you were satisfied with the service. Once you do that, the instructor will receive the payment to his/her account.

If the lesson was not held, or you were not completely satisfied with it, please let us know within 72 hours after the lesson time so that we can take appropriate course of action.

We recommend you to give an honest feedback about your tutors. This will help our platform to rate the tutors accordingly and will help other learners in their search.

What if I cannot make to the planned session?

When you become aware that you are not able to take part in a scheduled lesson, please try to inform your coach as far in advance as possible by rescheduling or cancelling your lesson. Note that you can cancel or reschedule lessons for free up to 24 hours in advance of the scheduled start time.

How do I pay for the lessons?

We provide convenient and safe tools to pay for your online sessions. Currently we only accept Visa and MasterCard. Payments for all online lessons are made through our website.


When can I withdraw my money from LRNKEY?

After coaches complete their lessons, and learners confirm the lesson was completed, the funds will be automatically transferred to the coaches’ account on LRNKEY. When the coach has accumulated $100 or more, the money can be withdrawn without any transfer charges (the coach will receive all $100 to his/her Payoneer account).

Why do coaches have to have a minimum of $100 balance to withdraw their money from LRNKEY?

Every credit card charge, every transfer and every Payoneer transaction is a cost. Therefore, the withdrawal limit has been set to $100 or more to minimize the number of transactions, so that coaches are able to receive the full amount. LRNKEY is committed to protect the coaches and pay for all the transactions to make sure that coaches receive the full amount they have been paid by the learners.

Can I withdraw less than $100?

If you absolutely must withdraw your balance of $99.99 or less, you can submit a request to LRNKEY at We will review your request and asses the fee that will be deducted from your balance to accommodate your request. Withdrawal will be arranged once you have been notified about the fees and submitted your agreement.

*Note: $10 or less will not be eligible for withdrawal. 

How to make sure my profile shows up in the search?

At times, when the account set up is left incomplete, your profile will not show up in the search results and you can not get bookings. Please follow this step-by-step tutorial to make sure your profile is properly set up and visible to potential learners.

How to add a course?

When you are registering your profile and cannot find the course that you want to coach in the menu, please send an email with a request to or get in touch through our Contact Us page. We will review your request and add the course if it meets our policies. After it has been added we will notify you.