The most high-income skill to learn is programming and coding nowadays. The world goes digital, and the need for IT grows daily. 

  • If you want to learn new skills, which would be profitable, then you are on the right track. 
  • If you want to know which coding language is best for 2021, keep reading our article.

Here is what we cover in this article:

Is Coding Worth Learning?

We recommend you to learn to program, as you can earn enough money and at the same time find your ways for professional development. If you don’t know where to start, check out the Beginner Programmer’s Guide.

Code literacy shows that the modern world is based on programming, as all the parts of life have become digitized.  

 We recommend you choose a programmer career and enjoy your profitable job. If you have logic skills and a moderate level of  English, then you can learn programming quickly.

You can choose the LRNKEY learning platform and start practicing programming and web development. Moreover, if you hesitate on your English skills, then you can practice your English on our platform. The good news is that you have an opportunity for a free lesson, which would help you to make your decision.


Which Programming Language is The Easiest to Learn?

The programming languages that are the easiest to learn are HTML, JavaScript, C++, Python, Java.

We feel you. You want to find the easiest programming languages to enter the field quickly. Do not worry; LRNKEY is here to help you reach your goals. So we provide you with the 5 most accessible programming languages for total beginners. 

From the start, we should mention that everyone would become a programmer if it was super easy, but it does not mean that coding is complicated. If you follow our suggestions, then you can become a pro in a few months. 

If it were easy, it would not be worth it, so sit back and take notes.


We recommend you choose HTML if you are interested in web development. When you start learning HTML, you can shape your interests and understand if you would like to continue web development; if the answer is yes, you will need HTML daily. Then you can take web development classes and build your career. Additionally, if you are considering offering white-label web development, having a strong foundation in HTML will be beneficial in creating and customizing websites for clients under their brand.

 2. JavaScript

First of all, JavaScript has a big community and is very beneficial for the beginner. Secondly, JavaScript helps you to solve the most complex issues. 

3. C

C++ helps to understand data structures very easily. As a programmer, you need to know this programming language and take on complex projects.

4. Python

Python is one of the most critical languages for you as a programmer. You will be part of the Python programmers community and find new job opportunities. If you know Python very well, then you will never be jobless. Moreover, you can handle several projects. So Python is perfect for entering the field. 

5. Java

Java is beginner-friendly and, at the same time, very handy for you. It is more object-oriented, and if you know Java, you can take a project and handle it alone.

If you practice all these 5 languages, then you can be a pro programmer. You can learn online coding and programming on E-learning platforms and practice programming in a few months. 

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Should I learn HTML in The Beginning?

You should learn HTML because HTML is suitable for beginners; you can create your landing pages, work on website theme and layout, improve corporation opportunities with web designers and developers. 

If you are a newbie in programming, then we recommend you to learn HTML starting from today.  Here are 4 reasons why you should learn HTML right after reading our article. Do not lose time.


1. HTML is Suitable for Beginners

As a beginner, you need to understand the basic logic of coding and visualize what coding looks like.  It will help you to develop your logical skills and be a fantastic warm-up for your brain.

2. Landing Pages

If you learn HTML very well, you can create your own landing pages, which would be perfect for your portfolio.

3. Website Theme and Layout

You get the opportunity to work both on the websites’ theme and layout, which is essential for the beginner and not only for the beginners but for the pros. 

4. Improve Corporation Opportunities 

If you know HTML very well, you will improve your collaboration with web designers and developers. This relationship will help you to explore more in your sphere and become a pro.

Should I learn Python or Java in 2022?

You should learn Python first and then think about learning Java, as the automation-related market prefers Python over Java. 

It is good that you would like to learn several programming languages, but we recommend starting from Python. After Python, you can learn C++ and then practice Java. 

It is not necessary to learn all 3 together; we recommend you practice each one perfectly and then learn a new language. We would also advise you to find out software engineer salary by country to understand which programming language will bring you more income

1. Learn Python at The Beginning 

As a programmer, your number one quality should be your flexibility. If you are not flexible, then you cannot work in this profession. So we recommend that learning Python at the beginning will help you to learn syntax.

Nowadays, automation-related jobs are more in the market; thus, more prefer Python than Java. So, if you are starting to think about your programming career, Python would be the best choice to find a job quickly. 

2. Learn Java After Learning Python

Nowadays, people think that knowing many programming languages is the best practice. But we assure you that practice is the most important. You can learn Java faster than Python, but remember to arrange and run a Java program, while Python doesn’t need to be compiled. 

So after learning Python, if you know Java, it would be the most effective practice for you as a beginner.  

We suggest you learn Java on online platforms and, at the same time, get a project where you can use your Python knowledge. Face to face vs. online learning presents the best way to learn programming is online learning because the study shows that online learning is highly effective in the 21st century.

Final Suggestions

Knowing how to code and being a programmer is impressive in the 21st century. Do not hesitate to build your programmer career and constantly work on yourself. Live classes vs. video classes show that the best way to practice programming is on online tutoring platforms.

So we recommend you to start your programming journey with online learning, as it is a powerful tool to practice programming in less than six months.

Dear future programmers, we wish you good luck with your programming career.

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