It is great that you are reading our article to learn what kind of gadgets you need as a freelancer. Starting your freelance career is great, but sometimes it takes effort to decide what tools and equipment you need. This article will discuss 5+ devices that are must-haves for freelancers. 

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Wireless Headphones 

Wireless Headphones are the essential gadget you can’t live without. Headphones are needed for listening to music and video calls and, most importantly, for navigation. When you ride a motorcycle and don’t know the way, you just put an earpiece in one ear, indicate the route on your smartphone, and follow the voice prompts. "Turn left; then your destination will be on the right." Why not use a smartphone holder? Because it is better not to be distracted from the road - this is the time. And navigation with the screen on quickly eats up the battery - that’s two. And you never know what - you can fall on a bike, and the smartphone will end.

Basic headphones

Cheap wireless Bluetooth headphones do not support apt-X Low Latency technology, so there is a delay between the game event and the sound effect. It’s impossible to play like that, so it’s just a wire. But it is also great for freelancers to use this kind of headphone, as you do not need to charge it, and you might need it when your wireless headphones get issues.  

Also, you can listen to podcasts and audiobooks and enjoy breaks between your work.

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The MacBook Pro

Macbook Pro is many freelancers’ favorite. Someone will ask, why does a writer need a MacBook Pro? Why not MacBook Air? It’s all about the Retina display, which allows you to work even in bright light. On the veranda of the cafe, on a bench by the lake, on the rocks by the waterfall. In addition, the Retina generally has an excellent picture - it’s nice to watch movies. Well, high resolution means a spacious workspace. Although the battery cycle has already exceeded a thousand, and it is time to change it, the laptop still gives a stable 8 hours of work. 

If you want a better experience and enjoy your freelance working hours, you should definitely get your MacBook and enjoy the full experience. The study shows that most freelance programmers choose Macbook as their main gadget and want to keep it the same.

High-Quality Bulb

You might be surprised, but you can have difficulties working from home if you do not have high-quality bulbs. Especially if you are working in the evening. Do not wait and invest and buy high-quality bulbs; you can choose white lighting, as studies show that these kinds of lighting are more motivating for people. Nowadays, there is a smart home concept, and many people still need to learn what it is. As a freelancer, you might want a smart home, and we have you covered. 

What is a smart home?

Technologies do not stand still, and today, everyone knows about the abilities of scientists to create things that could previously be fiction by science fiction writers and were described only in books and demonstrated within the framework of cinema. Previously, from the realm of fantasy, there was an idea that a kettle could boil without your participation in this process. And today it is quite real and very common. All these are thanks to smart home technology

The definition of "smart home" is a borrowed expression. Like many technologies, in principle. This system came to us from the West. Before proceeding with the description of functions, the nuances of control, and stories about what a smart home can do, you need to understand the concepts. Smart home terminology refers to such a thing as the automation of household systems. A system has been created to make life easier for us. Thanks to the "smart home," routine tasks no longer bring irritation and do not cause fatigue for the house owners. 

In Smart homes, people get special bulbs as well. As we have discussed, the importance of the right bulb before. If you get a Wyze bulb and you find out about Wyze bulb connection issues, then you can solve it easily if you follow the guideline.  

Do not worry; getting a high-quality bulb will be relatively inexpensive, but at the same time, you will have a great experience.

Ipad Mini

Freelancers think only graphic designers need an iPad, but that is not true. All the freelancers who want better work and life balance should get an Ipad. Ipads have different tools and are highly accessible for different tasks. For instance, sometimes, content writers prefer to type on an iPad while sitting on their coach.  

Of course, it is also connected to personal preferences, but we want to show you what benefits you will have when you get your Ipads. The good news is that Ipads can even replace Macbooks, as you can buy keywords and use them on a laptop. Why not if you are a freelancer beginner and need more money for the investment? Buy your iPad mini and start working on your projects. 

Separate Phone for Work

Yes, we got you! Some of you started working as freelancers, and you feel like your work and life are mixed. That is because you need a separate phone for your work.  

Imagine you are in the workplace and reply to every mem your friends send you via Instagram. Yes, you cannot imagine, as most workplaces have time tracking for employees. Then when you become a freelancer, you should track your own timing and do your best to be more productive. 

Thus you do not need to buy an iPhone as it will be expensive, and you do not need to spend that much money on your work phone. You can get a cheap Nokia unless you need some specific apps for your phone. But if it is only for calling and messaging, do not buy an experienced phone as it will not be an investment but a waste of your money.