Welcome to LRNKEY. An e-learning platform designed for all your academic and professional needs. Whether you are a tutor and would like to find a job or an individual who wants to practice online learning, this article will give you the most important points and explain why LRNKEY is the best for online learning. 

If you are interested in becoming a teacher or finding online classes with fair prices, keep reading.

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What are the advantages of online learning platforms?

Firstly, let’s address some benefits of online learning with academic research and reliable sources as they help us shape our decisions. 

In Indiana University Press, there is research, which advises conventional universities to create a combined learning process for their traditional offline students and at the same time informs them and purely online universities to create offline learning centers in different geographical zones when addressing students enrolled in distance learning programs.

Finally, the research supports that online learning is an excellent tool for formal settings. 

After the Covid-19 pandemic, online learning became an excellent tool for everyone. LRNKEY will be the best fit for you if you like learning from your home and saving time and money.


  • Because on LRNKEY.com, you can find qualified tutors, ready-to-use active learning strategies, and non-formal education. 
  • You have an opportunity to have your first free class to determine your needs.
  • Learn a language faster with the benefits of online practicing and saving your time.

What are three reasons for taking online classes?

1. Save money and save your time.

You can benefit from online learning at LRNKEY, connect from your home with professional tutors, and have intensive classes. No need to spend money on transportation or other expenses. 

2. Benefits of one-on-one lessons

At LRNKEY, you can take private classes with your tutor, have unlimited time to ask all of your questions, and have productive hours each week.

3. Variety of courses and different instructors

At LRNKEY, you have an opportunity to find tutors from different backgrounds who will have the experience to help you reach your goals. 

Choosing LRNKEY helps to have a variety of courses in different spheres, such as crochet and knitting.

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What are the 6 benefits of online classes?

  1. More individual attention
    Face-to-face vs. online classes concepts show that online learning has become an essential part for youngsters nowadays. For instance, at LRNKEY, language tutors are very supportive and have a friendly approach to language learning. This approach helps to keep students engaged. In traditional classrooms, we lacked individual attention, but online classes at LRNKEY provide individual attention and active learning practices. 
  2. Better concentration on the topic
    If you want to find the best tutor, first you need to figure out the best learning methods for you. Suppose you have difficulties concentrating on a topic or lack motivation. In that case, you definitely need to have a personal online tutor, who will be your lead guide during your learning journey. The most demanded classes are available online; at LRNKEY, you can benefit from finding the best fit for your individuality and professional needs. 
  3. Creative solutions
    The most creative solutions and innovative approaches are combined at LRNKEY online learning platform. You can have exciting activities, listen to exciting records, and write quizzes in an online learning environment.  Nowadays, online tutors use Quizlet for fun and interactive online activities. 
  4. Convenient for everyone
    Whether you live in a small village or a big city with busy traffic, you have an opportunity to book and attend classes from your home or workplace. LRNKEY is convenient for everyone, with affordable and flexible classes available from all over the world. Take online web development classes and become one of the professionals in the IT-sphere. 
  5. Promote life-long learning
    Everyone seeks to become a life-long learner. But not everyone knows how. How can you become a life-long learner? You need to have practice and experience of online learning, as it helps to figure out your needs; appreciate your time and efforts. Reading books and articles are fantastic tools to earn the key to life-long learningRemember, professionals at LRNKEY will help you enjoy lifelong learning, no age limits, no barriers and boundaries, you, your favorite subject, and your lovely tutor, amazing trio for a successful journey
  6. Helps to experience self-learning
    Imagine one day you wake up and decide to learn new creative skills. Yes, there are tons of valuable sources on the internet, but sometimes making use of them gets complicated. Online instructors help you to experience self-learning and use different tools and resources to become independent online learners. 

How do online platforms help students?

Online platforms help students to become knowledgeable professionals in their fields or practice their hobbies during their spare time. LRNKEY does both. You can practice your hobbies, for instance, learning how to play the guitar. Moreover, if you work hard, it can become a life-changing experience for you and open you up to new horizons.

Even online test preparations are fun and interactive on online learning platforms. They help you to be less stressed and more concentrated on the topic. 

Now let’s discuss which online classes are more in demand. Online programming classes and language classes are widely popular among youngsters, as they are among the most high-income skills, you can learn more statistics in our article about them.

 So, we suggest you take your online class right now.

What is good about online learning?

Online learning is the future of education and the present moment of our professional lives.

1. Limitless opportunities available from your home

Many years ago, it was a dream to learn new skills from those who live in other countries. Nowadays, it has become a reality.

2. Wide variety of classes

You can master content writing, programming, or marketing in a few months from your home. You don’t need to attend a University to acquire those skills. Online education saves your time and money. 

3. Learning experience customized to your needs

At LRNKEY, do you have a free lesson opportunity to evaluate the class process and understand if it suits your needs.

Moreover, you can use your free class time to understand how your class can be customized for your particular needs. This is a wonderful opportunity for your future planning.

Why are online platforms important?

Online learning platforms are life-changing tools nowadays as everyone is welcome to start classes with affordable prices and a flexible schedule. You will understand the benefits of online learning and its flexibility when you get your first class at LRNKEY. Professional tutors of the platform will help you to get the most out of your first free class. 

While taking online classes, feel free to ask all of your questions and concerns at the beginning of the class. You can set goals of self-evaluation and progress. But if you are learning via an online learning platform, such as LRNKEY, you will have all the tools and tips from your online tutor. 

Online learning platforms are essential because they promote professional tutors who are usually verified and have good academic and professional backgrounds. In other words, online platforms do all the crucial steps for you, filter the most important information and aspects and give you modified information. 

Finding an online tutor without online platforms could be complicated, especially if you are a beginner in online learning. Because you need to do research, identify needs and then make your decision. While at LRNKEY, you can choose your favorite subject without hesitating about the quality of the materials and the tutor’s professionalism.

Final Suggestions

Choosing a new subject to practice could be challenging, but we guarantee that if you choose LRNKEY, you will have a great transition from offline learning to online. 

Our team is here for you, ready to answer all of your questions and concerns. LRNKEY works hard to provide the best opportunities for effective online classes to make learning an enjoyable ride.

We suggest you take a pen and paper and write down your needs. After this, reread our point about LRNKEY, and pick your free first class if they are the same. 

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