There is a direct link between creativity and job performance. Studies show that employee creativity is positively related to employee productiveness and supervisor-rated employee job performance

Nowadays, you cannot move forward without creativity. But how to define what creative skills are?

This article defines what creativity is and gives real-life examples of creative skills. It also provides the most popular and profitable creative skills for 2022. 

Here’s what we cover in the article, in particular order:

  1. What are creative skills?
  2. How can I learn new creative skills
  3. What is my creative strength?  
  4. How do you describe creative skills on your CV? 
  5. Which skill is the most creative?
  6. Which creative skill can I learn online? 
  7. How to implement creativity in my work?

What are creative skills?

what are creative skills

Nowadays, the world strives for creativity as creative skills are critical for healthy competition and high rankings in all professions. 

The ability to successfully thrive in our modern industry can be explored by exchanging ideas and using creative skills. Modern industry sets standards for more significant development, and in the central role, there is creativity. 

But are those creative skills, and how can we define creativity in the workforce? 

  • Public Speaking
  • Creative Critical thinking
  • Creative and Analytical thinking
  • Visual Communications 
  • Content writing skills 

Those are the most high-income skills, which are essential in any profession. Moreover, you can easily make money out of those creative skills and enjoy online teaching platforms.21st-century skills are creativity and innovation, which could lead you to earn enough money. 

Effective lifelong learners practice all those creative skills to be up to date. For instance, if you have developed visual communication skills, you cannot get wrong with your presentations and talks.  The best way to learn a new language is also connected to visuals and developing creativity. In this age where information and access are digital, everything has become immediate and integrated; it is super easy to research online platforms. If you wish to be more professional, you should rely on your creative skills and match your research to your skills. It would be best if you implement creative thinking in real-life skills.

How can I learn new creative skills?

learn new creative skills

Everyone has the ability to produce creative outcomes in work and everyday life. However, there is a need to start working on those outcomes and develop creative thinking at work. 

Traditional academic skills such as reading, writing literary texts are tools necessary for effective learning. However, for learning new creative skills, you need to create a structured journal for learning. Imagine that you are practicing public speaking; first, you should write down key goals for learning the skills. For instance, you might search for online foreign language classes to practice a foreign language, as you might need to make speeches in a foreign language. 

After completing a structured journal, you need to complete all the tasks and practice three times a week. If you are learning creative skills such as crocheting, you can also choose an online crocheting lesson. Nowadays, many effective online instructors help students keep their motivation and learn new skills quickly. 

Being loyal to your structured journal would not be easy, but if you are pro fostering critical and creative literacy, you need to be very focused and not miss any task you have prepared for you.

Find a tutor

What is my creative strength?

As a lifelong learner, you need to identify and research which skill would be perfect for you. Some people prefer concentrating on visual communication, while others prefer to write tons of pages. 

  • Take a piece of paper, make ten circles on the paper and write down the skills that you think you can never accomplish, and be professional. 
  • Now take another paper, make dots, and write your ten strengths, such as writing well or making a ppt presentation. 
  • It is time to connect the dots. As Steve Jobs said, " You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward." So trust the dots, connect your strengths to the skills that you have written. If you would like to learn more about connecting the dots, watch the commencement speech of Steve Jobs.
  • Now you have got ten pairs, one strength, and one skill. Time to identify your needs; for instance, if you want to learn a new skill to make money, you might search for online coding lessons.
  • Make your final decision and start planning your schedule by yourself. Even if you use some E-learning platforms, you still need to be aware of your own learning pace.
  • Enjoy your learning and accomplish your goal. Remember, it is not a good idea to quit practicing. For this, we recommend you find an online private teacher, as one-on-one learning helps you be more concentrated and accomplish the goal that has started

How do you describe creative skills on your CV

Describe skills on cv

Now let’s imagine that you have practiced creative skills, taken online classes, or hired a private tutor, and you feel very confident with these skills. Now it is time to transfer this to your CV. But the question is how to do this? 

It is worthy of mentioning that your CV should not be very long and you should give clear information about your abilities. However, you cannot write paragraphs about your practice and creativity. That is why we suggest you write skills in the middle of your CV, after work experience. 

Let’s discuss an example for you; for instance, you have practiced critical thinking and analytical skills. If you took an online course or got a certificate, it is worthy of mentioning. But the most crucial part is what this skill stands for. In other words, how it makes you more professional in your work, what makes you unique.

Once you present the connection between the skill and your profession, the employer will accept you as a perfect fit for the position. However, be careful with your wording, as those creative skills sometimes are complicated to describe. 

Do not exaggerate your creative skills, and avoid a lot of adjectives. Write more about your experience of the skills. You can link your portfolio; even if it is still a hobby for you, it could lead you to earn more money. 

Which skill is the most creative ?

The best creative skill

This is the question of the year, as, after Covid-19, many people lost their jobs and started to think about the skills that help earn money. 

It could be a little bit complicated to separate one most creative skill; however, we need to base on the facts and present our findings. As the world goes digital day by day, people tend to focus on easy and comfortable choices in all the phases of their lives. So people use online terminals; they prefer to teach and earn money online. For all of these professions, we need good visual presentations and designs. 

Visual presentations and designs play a massive role in developing businesses, industry, and even politics. In the 21st century skills of a creative person are highly valued. So we believe that the most innovative skills are connected to visual representations.

  • Visual communication
  • Aesthetic designs
  • Web design

Above mentioned skills are connected to visual representations and are the most creative ones in 2022. You are free to use all the resources online and create your piece of art. There are no barriers and limits, which allows you to follow your crazy ideas and bring new colors. 

So, if you strive for creativity and freedom, then think about the skills connected to visuals and designs.  In the realm of visual communication, another skill growing in popularity and utility is learning to create hoodies. This ability combines creative design with practical application, offering both an artistic outlet and a potential source of income or personal branding. 

Which creative skill can I learn online?

If you are thinking about taking online creative classes, then you are already creative. However, let’s stick to the facts and find out the best fit for you. 

First, answer these simple three questions out loud.

  • Why do I need this creative skill?
  • How much time can I dedicate to my learning?
  • The amount of money that I can invest in learning this skill. 

When you have the answers, it is easier to move forward. If you have identified your needs, you can easily pick one of the skills mentioned in the article. If you enjoy writing, maybe you can go for content writing or even creative writing. 

Remember, the time you will dedicate to your practicing will be paid off in the near future. All those creative skills are very handy, and much demanded in the modern world. 

So, where to start your practice? In many online platforms, top creative skills are offered at very affordable prices. So it would be best if you make your decision whether you want an online private tutor or group lead classes. 

We recommend you start learning web design, content writing, or creative writing. Those are the skills that could be practiced in six months, and right after the practice, you can find tons of opportunities. Also, these creative skills are comfortable to learn online and get efficient information flow.

Last but not least, all the creative skills are worthy to practice, but the best way to choose the skill should be based on your priorities and needs and what kind of things you enjoy.

How to implement creativity to my work?

Implement creativity to work

Congratulations, now you have your dream job, as your CV talked a lot about your creative skills. But now we have another big question. Is Learning Online Enough to Become a Freelancer? And how to implement creativity in your work?

First, you need to analyze your work responsibilities and understand if you really need to implement your creativity in work. For some organizations, you need to talk with your directors first, while other companies prefer the workers who take the steps. If you believe that your company is open to your initiatives, it is time to use your creative skills. 

  • Work with your team, present your ideas and seek feedback. After you develop creative solutions, you need to analyze your colleagues’ strengths and creative skills. Maybe some of them are specialized in the field that could be very helpful for your idea.
  • After analyzing human resources, it is time to share some best HR software system with your colleges and start working. Remember, if you want to succeed in your career, you need to take the steps first.
  • Now enjoy the results; even if it is not the best, it is your first. Appreciate your weakness and give yourself space to grow. 

Leadership is an essential aspect of the work environment, and creative skills help you become a good leader, a person who has a lot of knowledge. After practicing creative skills, you would never have a lack of ideas. 

Through behavioral modeling, good leaders enhance other workers’ ability to develop new ideas and bring up initiatives and overall have a creative atmosphere at the digital workplace.

If you wish when is the time to implement creativity in your work, then we have the answer for you. Now is the time. Do not wait for another perfect moment to start learning creative skills or using them. If you start it now, then after a year, you will thank yourself. You can become an online tutor and earn money from the skills you were practicing at your workplace or elsewhere.

Final Notes 

Invest in your creative skills today, as they can secure your productivity and help you earn money from your home. Almost all online vacancies search for creative people with relevant background experience. From now on, you clearly know where to stick, what to learn, and how to improve.