When we speak about school, learning, or even earning a master’s degree, we always think of education at school or university. That was indeed true...until the last decade. Criteria of education have been changing thanks to the development of technologies.

It is estimated that about 6.3 million students in the United States are now enrolled in at least one online course and that number is growing due to the flexibility, benefits of virtual learning, and particularly benefits of one-on-one learning on the internet. One reason why online learning is getting so popular is that online jobs are getting widespread, too. The number of professionals working regularly from home has increased. It is clear that learning online helps to prepare the professionals for this shift toward online work. Explore what one-on-one courses entail, their key benefits, and get the advice you need to determine if online courses are a good fit for you. 

Why one-on-one learning is the best investment you can make in your personal development

 1. You can ace the skill much faster.

 Time management skill is perhaps the most important trait for every successful person to have. People spend most of their time working and sleeping; doing paid work, housework, leisure, but eating and sleeping take together 80-90% of the 1440 minutes that we all have available daily. Add this to your packed work schedule, and boom - no time left for your family, friends, and other activities. This is where online learning and later working come in. This type of learning allows you to choose the time that suits you best to take classes. For example, you are a busy worker but want to accomplish your childhood dream of learning how to play guitar. You do not have time to attend on-ground classes or scheduled group classes neither online nor offline. But there is another option: while working you may take online guitar classes especially in a one-on-one format and choose your learning time on your own. 

2. One-on-one online learning is quicker and more productive

This is a good thing for people having overloaded schedules, for moms, who have a lot of things to deal with daily, and for people who want to get a second profession. Obviously, such people have little free time, so they need to pass quick courses. You may notice people can learn what they want in a short term due to the internet channels and videos. Surely everyone can, but they will not get the answers they seek to have quickly. In this case, searching for answers will take much time compared to live online classes. The latter provides you with an opportunity to receive your answers during the lesson. This speeds up the learning process and improves the quality.

 Online learning already allows you to manage your time, work, and study at the same time. One-on-one learning is a type of online learning, just because online learning is divided into group classes, video classes, and one-on-one classes. Group classes are usually scheduled and have their fixed time to start. When you work or study, and their time is not suitable for you, you really have nothing to do but refuse to attend online classes. One-on-one learning helps you to get over this problem. You are the only learner in the course, you choose your instructor/ tutor to cooperate with, you determine the time you are available for learning. There are so many online tutoring platforms available that you will not even lose your time searching for such kinds of lessons. Then using these platforms try to find a tutor, who will provide you with one-on-one learning on the subject you prefer at the very time you are available for it. Here is how successful people manage their time in the 21st century.

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 3. You get the full attention of the tutor 

Everyone has different mental and cognitive abilities. Those features often are not taken into account when you are taking group lessons or attending school or university classes. In this situation, the lecturer/instructor/tutor is sharing his/her knowledge with everyone equally.

One-on-one online tutoring platforms allow tutors/instructors to work with students with different abilities, experiences, and skills individually. In one-on-one format, the student gets full attention, while the tutor teaches the only student in particular methods. Considering that each person is unique, specialists are now moving towards creating more online tutoring programs to enhance the confidence of learners when it comes to online education.
When full attention is drawn to one person, instructors and tutors are committed to listening to the student’s questions and actively responding to them.

 4. It rids the students of the fear of failure and boosts their self-confidence.

 Instructors and students get to trust each other during online classes. Once this happens, they try to communicate more openly. The student will not feel embarrassed to ask questions out of fear of sounding stupid, and the instructor will answer the questions with pleasure. This way they will get increasingly self-confident, open to interactions, and will not be afraid to fail.

5. It gives students an opportunity to step up on their own.

In school students sometimes are trying to succeed by using their peers. They are trying to copy someone else’s work, and rely on somebody else. However, one-on-one courses reduce the peril of plagiarism and copying the works of peers. In other words, if you are given a task, then do it by yourself. Do tasks and advance your level of knowledge with every lesson.

 6. One-on-one online lessons are cheaper than offline courses

Actually, in developed countries such as the US and Canada, it is too expensive to take crochet or guitar classes in person.

What should those wanting to learn do unless they have enough money?

Live online classes offer students education with low prices and high quality. Instead of taking in-person guitar or crochet classes, one can take guitar or crochet classes online at more affordable prices. 

 7. It generates new workplaces.

The unemployment rate is 4.8 %, according to the Office for National Statistics. This means about one in every 20 people is looking for a job but is unable to find one.Online tutoring programs give those needing work a chance to earn money. What these programs offer is this: “Tutor online and get paid”. It is easy to combine with other jobs or to have several classes in one day. It is worth mentioning that no matter what country you are from you can both take an online course or become a one-on-one tutor, share your knowledge and experience with others, and get paid working from the comfort of your home. 


8. One-on-one online learning will make education accessible and affordable to a great number of people.

Because of COVID-19 almost all colleges and universities have switched to an online learning system. In fact, in some spheres, it has proved to be successful. It is cost-effective for students unless you buy new technologies. Besides, it allows you to save your time, not to waste it on roads and heavy jams, and you can even work while studying.

759 million adults are illiterate now. Some of them have not got a high level of education because of money and bad conditions. Online learning may change the picture. Due to this, more and more people can get involved in educational projects and receive high education with lower tuition fees. Finally, this is really a great opportunity to change the educational system, make online learning more engaging and productive.

This is a hope for a change, so specialists try to work out ways to improve the quality of online learning. They deliberate on how to make online learning more engaging, elaborate strategies to improve it, and effective online teaching strategies as well. The process is still going on, and we need to wait to see the final result.


One-on-one learning is really beneficial to people seeking to learn quickly and productively. It allows people to work and study at the same time more easily. New online platforms offer a variety of courses to people with different tastes and needs. They allow everyone to study and then work on these platforms. Since people find it beneficial to the future of education, they try to fix the flaws of the online learning system, make it better, cheaper and affordable to a greater number of people all around the world.