The benefits of online tutoring have a direct link to student performance. Starting from 2020, students had to switch from offline to online education. This is how online tutoring started to become more famous.

 Today we will speak about the link between online tutoring and student performance. Present your key studies about student performance during online education and how online tutoring helps students start self-learning practice.

Here is what we cover in this article:

What are some benefits of online tutoring?

If you want to become an online tutor or start an online learning journey, consider our 5 key benefits, which help shape your decision.

 1. Opportunity to have your own pace

We all are different, have different goals, backgrounds, and pace of learning. In traditional classrooms, you should follow the same pace as others and try to be on track.  The most popular way to find private teachers is through the online learning platform. The research by Julie A. Thomas shows that students liked to move at their own pace, learning outcomes appeared to be the same as in traditional courses, and students with prior training in computers were more satisfied with online courses.

 2. Creative learning approach 

E-learning platforms suggest a variety of courses with the most flexible timing and fare prices. At LRNKEY, you can learn crochet in a few months. You will have the most creative online learning solutions, and it would be a discovery for you. Creativity is the key to success for today’s reality, and innovative online classes motivate you to complete what you have started to learn. 

3. Learn the most trending skills

The most creative skills nowadays are digital skills, coding, and search engine optimization. All those skills you can learn at online platforms and get the most benefits. For all those skills, you need your laptop and your online instructor. We recommend you find an online private teacher and start practicing your preferred subject with them. The most trending skills nowadays people use with a laptop, and the most successful way is to start doing it with your computer, right from your preferred workspace.

4.  Higher rates of good student performance

Julie A. Thomas’s study shows that students who had online learning experiences have good academic performance. The effects of online learning on student performance are positive. If you hesitate between choosing online or offline education for your child, remember,  online vs. face-to-face learning shows that nowadays, online learning is the most effective. 

5.  No stress and pressure

You are pretty stressed from school, exams, and there is no need to put more pressure on them. Standardized tests are an unreliable measure of student performance, and even if you get a D- from your exams, you still can be successful.  Benefits one-on-one instruction will help you shape your career, learn a new language, and all with the help of online instruction. At LRNKEY, you have an opportunity to have your free first class, do not hesitate and go for it. Have the most enjoyable information flow without stress, pressure, and boundaries.

How does online tutoring benefit the tutor?

tutor benefit

If you think about having a new profession, you might think about becoming online. We will present you with 4 key benefits for online tutors.  

1. You develop your own pace

Online tutoring gives a benefit to tutors to develop their pace, plan, and make their schedule with their specific experience and needs. For a tutor, it is beneficial to have an opportunity to create their own pace and plan the information flow. 

2. Flexible schedule 

Online tutors have an opportunity to make their schedule, and afterward, students can pick the specific time they want to have the class. This practice is fantastic for working people, as you can be a part-time online tutor at LRNKEY online learning platform and enjoy a flexible schedule. 

3. Get payment for your working hours 

Online tutoring has become one of the most demanded skills nowadays. And one of the most benefits is the competitive salary. As an online teacher, you have an opportunity to set your hourly rate and get paid for every hour that you will work. If you think about getting a new tutoring job, then you might think about online tutoring.

4. Variety of options

As an online tutor, you can find different class types, which would be the best fit for you. Online learning platforms give a chance to tutors having a variety of classes, instruction methods, and dynamics, so each professional can find the best place for working.

Find a tutor for this topic

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What skills do you gain from online tutoring?

Here we provide you with the most critical 3 skills that you will gain as an online tutor during your journey. 

1. Time management skills

If you work as an online tutor, you will constantly develop your time management skills. You will need to schedule your month, which will help you manage your time better and be more productive. 

2. Communication skills 

Online tutors develop their communications skills and become more professional through instructions. If you are not a native speaker, the best way to learn a new language is online learning. At first, you can practice English and then become an online teacher of the subject that you are passionate about. At first, you can practice English or hire an English tutor, and then become an online teacher of the subject that you are passionate about.

3. Practice your professional skills

When you teach a subject near your profession, you lead the road to becoming an expert in your field. As students help tutors to grow, to dive deep into the topic, and at the same time take different angles for some issues. You foster a deeper understanding of the subject matter and gain essential professional skills such as critical analysis and attention to detail. This professional development can be taken further with the help of tools such as research transcription, data-gathering devices etc.

How do you measure student performance?

measure student performance

According to the study of Virginia University , learner outcomes, learner characteristics, course environment, and institutional factors related to delivery system variables shape the efficiency of online learning and student performance. Now let’s go one by one and analyze the factors. 

 1. Learner characteristics

Learner characteristic is one of the key factors to measure performance. If you want to learn high-income skills and start working right after your classes, you are recommended to choose online learning. If you’re going to learn a new profession quickly, you do not need to enter the university but use an online learning platform.

2. Course environment 

Traditional classrooms could be both stressful and boring. If you are bored of those standard learning methods, you should try online learning, as online tutors use new techniques and interactive tools to make the information flow efficient. 

3. Other related factors

Choosing to learn a new subject or profession could be challenging. We recommend you analyze your needs and goals to find the best fit for you.

What are student performance standards?

Now we have enough information on how to measure student performance. Let’s dive in and discuss student performance standards.

1. Student assessment

Student assessment is the most important key point for student performance standards. Let’s put this in practice and underline how you can use this. For instance, you search for the best place to learn to code and find online learning methods. After using this method for one month, you need to evaluate your skills and understand your key benefits from the class.

2. Tutor assessment

The next essential standard is tutor assessment. You should underline the most important skills that your preferred tutor should have, as it directly links to student performance. However, if you choose an online learning platform, all this work is already done for you. For instance, at LRNKEY, you can find the most experienced tutors, who have all the necessary skills for online learning, and as a benefit, you will have your first free class to evaluate the instruction and compare it to your needs.

3. Self-learning practice assessment

Self-learning practice assessment is—the essential standard. You should evaluate your self-learning practice and build on it. The direct link between online tutoring and good student performance is self-learning practice. Online learning helps you to become an independent learner, conduct research, use online tools and platforms. The benefits of online tutoring directly are noticeable when you assess your self-learning ability.

Final Thoughts

You are all set! Now you know the benefits of online tutoring and why online learning is super beneficial. You can start your online learning journey using student performance assessment standards to measure your learning.

And afterward, maybe you will be one of our online tutors. 

Do not stress; you can make money even out of your hobbies. Think about it and follow our blogs to learn more about the online tutoring experience.

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