Our reader, lovely to have you back. In this article, we will not persuade you that learning a new language is easy, as it’s not. But we are going to help to find the best strategy for you. 

Take a cup of coffee and enjoy our article, which could be very special and life-changing for you.

Here you can find what we discuss in this article:

  1. Why do I need to learn new languages?
  2. What is the secret of learning a new language?
  3. How to learn languages effectively?
  4. Can I learn two languages simultaneously?
  5. What’s the hardest part about learning a new language?
  6. What is the fastest way to speak a language fluently?

Why do I need to learn new languages? 

learn new languages

If you think that the answer to this question is super easy or not worthy to discuss, you might rethink this question. 

Nowadays, many languages have become so popular to learn, and some people tend to choose one of those languages. It is always worthy to speak a language, but your personal goal should be strong enough to keep you motivated during your learning process.

 Learning a new language is fun and exciting, but at the same, it can be complicated and tedious if you do not focus on your goals while choosing a new language. 

Your attitude to the language is essential. And we will give you a focus point to consider while choosing your language and the best way to learn a new language

  1. Choose the language that will be useful for your academic studies
  2. Choose the language that will help you to get a promotion at your workplace
  3. Choose the language of the country, which has the culture that you find interesting
  4. And what is most important? Focus on your needs, interests and do not follow the trends.

What is the secret of learning a new language?

We hope that you already have a language in your mind that you will start to learn. But what are the secrets of language learning? 

Learning a language is not easy, but nobody tells you that it is tough. Many polyglots in the world even can speak ten languages fluently.

So what is the secret? 

The answer is active learning. Online learning platforms are very beneficial for active learning. As they are most likely to provide innovative means of learning. 

So what is active learning?

Active learning is when the teaching process goes on with informal and practical activities, giving a space for the learner to explore more. For this measure, the benefits of one-on-one instruction are visible as each student needs enough time to enjoy information flow. 

 Mcalpine (2004) has conducted research about active learning. The purpose of this study is to refine and qualify Active Learning as an effective teaching and evaluation combined.

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How to learn languages effectively?

learn languages effectively

Reasons for learning a new language can be different; some people learn a new language to relocate to another country for work opportinuties., others need it for their job. If you want to learn a new language efficiently, then follow our seven suggestions. 

1. Make a personal plan

You are welcome to use paper-based planners or Google-calendar and download it to your device. This will help you to stay organized and do not miss any tasks.

2. Less could be more; everyday set up your timer for at least 30 minutes of practice

Do not push too much pressure on yourself; keep practicing every day, and if you find an online private teacher, it could be easier for you to balance your other requirements and language learning.

3. Use online dictionaries

We recommend you to use online dictionaries, such as Glosbe for all languages and Cambridge for English practice.

4. Start speaking from day one

Yes, it is challenging to speak in a foreign language, but do it ASAP. Polyglots suggest starting talking even if you know 20 words. 

5. Watch documentaries in a foreign language with subtitles

Here we go, two benefits in one. You can enjoy exploring new topics and at the same time learn new words. 

6. Enjoy online learning

Online vs. face-to-face learning shows that. Remote learning helps to save time. For language learning, all you need is practice, which you can do from your home, no need to spend extra time moving around your city.

7. Find a chance to communicate with native speakers

Learning a language is challenging, but at the same it is fun. People love when you learn their language, and you can find people who would be happy to talk with you in their native language. Do not miss the chance; use your Instagram and Facebook and chat with people. Also, try to examine the background of the langue; if you are practicing Spanish, then you can learn the history of the Spanish Language. It will allow you to understand the logic in a better way. 

Can I learn two languages simultaneously?

The short answer is, yes, you can, but make the list of priorities. 

  1. What is my goal to learn these languages?
  2. How much time do I have daily?
  3. What level do I want to achieve in these languages? 

If you have two languages in your head that you would like to learn, you need to answer those questions. It always happens, for instance, you fall in love with the French language, but you need to practice your English to get your university degree. Then go for both.

In the case of learning languages simultaneously, you might need a private tutor who can help you reach your goals. Most popular ways to find private teachers are online learning platforms, as they will teach you more about time management skills.

But please remember, it is not about quantity; it is about quality. It is always good to speak in several languages, but we recommend you stay focused and make a good plan to learn languages simultaneously.

What’s the hardest part about learning a new language?

hardest part about learning a new language

According to Joan Rubin, who researched language learning, good language learning depends on at least three variables: aptitude, motivation, and opportunity.

And those are the most essential and, at the same time, complex parts of language learning. These three variables contain the most crucial part of language practice. 

  1. Phonetics
  2. Grammatical sensitivity -the ability to handle grammar
  3. Memorization ability
  4. Inductive language learning ability

What does it mean? You need to use your most creative skills in language learning. Prepare yourself to become grammar sensitive and practice your memorization. 

Learning a new language can be very beneficial if you have one-on-one instructions; the instructors practice a lot before becoming an online tutor. They are ready to help you go through it and do not feel alone in this process.

What is the fastest way to speak a language fluently?

We live in a world where we are in lack of time every day and need to have a good balance between our studies and leisure time. But how can I do it efficiently, and what is the fastest way to learn a new language? 

Speaking in a foreign is one of the high-income skills, and to have this skill, we need everyday practice. And we have suggestions for you. 

1. Learn more phrases

Phrases help to formulate sentences easier, so you can have more professional dialogue.

2. Share about your language learning process 

 You always need the motivation to keep learning in the process. Help others to be motivated and stay motivated. 

3. Do not forget about your other hobbies

This is a big mistake that people tend to make nowadays; some people believe that you need to give up other things for learning a language fast. This is not true, do not focus only on language learning, as it can make you stressed and bored. For instance, you can start to learn crochet and enjoy your time, release stress, and go back to your language learning. 

4. Write essays in your new language

Writing essays is very beneficial for fast language learning. Start with short essays, such as biographies or sharing about your hobbies. Do not be afraid; we all started from the same place that you are now. Write and grow, and you will see the results soon.

Final Suggestions

You are all set. Now you can learn a new language more efficiently if you follow our strategies. We feel you. One day you want the best place to learn to code, and the other day, how to practice your English for coding. However, the most important skill is to learn how to get help from professionals. We suggest you make your own study plan and start practicing your desired language now. 

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