We know that exams are coming.Today we will help you to release your exam stress level and feel motivated for your future exams.

We all have been there, darling, whether last year’s college exam or admission exams, both types can be stressful. If you would like to learn more about real experience and get some tips, then take a cup of coffee and read carefully.

Here is what we cover in this article:

What test anxiety feels like?

text anxiety

Taking an exam could be stressful; both preparation and exam day are the challenges that could be solved easily if you follow our tips and tricks. 

Do you remember sweating bullets when you showed up for your first exam? But do not worry about your future exams this time; we have some tips and solutions for you.

So, let’s first understand what exam anxiety is?

Anxiety disorders are often characterized by hyperarousal in response to mildly threatening stimuli (Weems et al., 2005). In other words, anxiety comes from the fear of failure. 

Students have identified multiple stressors that can contribute to heightened anxiety in students’ interactions at school. These include but are not limited to fear of failure, school phobia, difficulty in peer and adult interactions, fear of violence or bullying, separation. 

So exam stress and anxiety are not only about a one-hour exam but have roots and other factors that affect higher rates of stress or anxiety.

How can you deal with exam anxiety ?

Anxiety is one of the most critical mental health concerns affecting students, yet many students with anxiety disorders remain questioned and continue to be stressed after their exams.

However, it is essential to know that stress can hinder students’ personal/social, academic, and career development if left untreated. And we encourage you to skim this illustrated guide from the World Health Organization to learn more about stress and its effects on the human body. And we will tell you some tips that you need to keep in your mind and be ready for the big day of the exam.

  1. There is enough time to study for the exam.
    It doesn’t matter how much time is left; you always feel like you have a lack of time. Remember, you can practice it even in 24 hours if you are really concentrated, so keep in mind our second reminder.
  2. Be focused while you are studying for your exam.
    Sometimes you spend 3 hours just opening your laptop or your book. Be smart; if you feel that you are not ready to study now, have fun in those 3-hours. If you spend an actual 1 hour on the material, it would be better than half of the day, but without your focus.
  3. Do not be harsh to yourself.
    This point is essential for realizing stressful thoughts. Do not judge yourself for the last party or dining out instead of studying for an exam. You have some needs that you need to fulfill, and exams will not disturb you. Remember that it is better late than never, so open your book right after this article and get an actual 1-hour practice. Search for an online class platform and start practicing online. You will not need to spend much time, but at the same time, it would help you to be prepared and release the exam stress level.
  4. You are enough!
    Yes, you are enough. While studying for an exam, sometimes the thoughts of cheating and your classmate’s excellent grades disturb you. You can do it by yourself, and do not think about the alternatives while you are learning, as it would not let you focus on your topic. Cheating is a choice, not a mistake, do not take these harmful thoughts, but start learning from this moment because you are good enough to get good grades and pass your exam. 
  5. Take office hours, ask for help.
    Sometimes you feel isolated before your exams and feel ashamed to ask for materials from your professor or classmates. But we officially tell you, don’t be. You can find the best tutor and start online test preparations; it will not take much time for you to feel more confident. 

Those 5 reminders are the key to releasing the exam stress level because you might have stress because of the unknown. Exam preparation is not only about learning the materials but understanding the exam type, structure, duration, and all the other details. So always seek this Information. 

Find a tutor for this topic

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How to be relaxed before an exam?

be relaxed before an exam

Exam stress management is not easy, but it can be very effective. And we suggest you some tips to be more relaxed before the exam.

  1. Stop studying one day before an exam. 
    Instead of studying, take the last day to relax because studying at this stage might cause stress.
  2. Do not think about the failure
    The thoughts about failure will not let you relax. Remember that this exam will help you to develop your creative skills, become academically competent. 
  3. Eat your favorite food 
    Give total relaxation to yourself before your exam; you deserve it. Treat yourself to some sea salt popcorn.
  4. Do not think about exam questions
    You had enough time and concentration on those thoughts; now it is time to relax.

What are the tips to handle exam stress?

So far, we have discussed possible reasons for exam stress and anxiety. Now let’s concentrate on the tips to release exam stress.

  • Do not forget about your hobbies.
    Sometimes students concentrate on the exams all day long and forget about their other activities. You can take your online programming classes and still do well with your language exams. When you cut off everything from your life, it can be the leading cause of stress.
  •  Practice your exam with a tutor
    Having someone there for you helps you be more confident and releases exam stress levels. The benefits of one-on-one classes are uncountable; for instance, this type of learning helps to learn the language faster
  • Take an online practice opportunity 
    Nowadays it is super easy; you can learn anything from your home, use this chance. If we take face-to-face versus online classes, we can highlight that online classes will consume less time and effort, which is all you need. 
  • Use online resources
    There are tons of available materials on the internet, and with one click, you can find reliable information for your studies. Do not be lazy and do your research to find handy materials. As you explore innovative ways to manage exam preparation effectively, integrating technology can enhance your learning experience. One such tool that can streamline your study process is the use of an AI PowerPoint summarizer, which can quickly summarize key points from numerous slides, allowing you to focus more on comprehension and less on sifting through dense information. This tool can dramatically reduce the time spent on exam preparation while ensuring you grasp the crucial content needed for success.
  • Do not concentrate on exam stress
    It is essential to realize that exam stress is natural, do not panic if you are afraid or feel uncomfortable. Maybe this exam is necessary for your future, but remember that you can always retake exams, so be relaxed; you will rock it anyway.

What causes exam fear?

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Now let’s dive deep and understand what exactly causes exam stress. It is professional to understand the roots to find better solutions. 

There are many types of research about the relations between classroom learning and exam stress. One of the conclusions of studies (Phillips, 1992; Young, 1990) is that anxiety among foreign language students is not just a case of general classroom anxiety being "transferred to the foreign language learning but a distinct complex of things related to the foreign language classroom learning." 

 As we can see, sometimes classroom learning can cause exam stress or anxiety based on several factors. Those factors could be relationships, confidence, or other undefined factors. 

Online learning is beneficial in such cases. You can always switch from offline to online learning. Million people are taking online web development classes and becoming professionals; others hire online language tutors and practice foreign languages easily. 

If you think that offline learning makes you feel uncomfortable, then change your learning method. The most high-income skills you can learn from your home, with less exam stress and anxiety.

How to release stress from exams and feel confident?

  • Hang out with friends
    Exam preparations sometimes lead people to isolation, which is one of the leading causes of stress. In the evenings have a nice walk with your friends and try to relax. Because if you do not relax after your studies, you will not have enough energy to continue it.
  • Eat healthily and exercise
    Your lifestyle directly affects your mood and decisions. Do yoga and meditation to relax. Do not find an excuse that you do not have time. Set up a timer for your breaks, as only 15-minutes yoga sessions can help you fully relax.  
  • Stop thinking about the grades
    Everyone at school wants high grades, but this could be very unhealthy if you think about it before your exam. Just concentrate and do your best; grades do not define anyone’s abilities. If you need excellent grades to maintain your scholarship, make it a goal, but do not stress about it.

Final Suggestions

Exam stress and anxiety could be severe for your health and academic performance. We suggest you follow our tips and get rid of exam stress. If you still feel stressed after your exam, we recommend meeting your doctor and getting professional help. 

Feel free to share with us your methods of releasing exam stress and anxiety. You can find us on Facebook and share your opinion and comments. 

Remember, we care about you.